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We’re Coming to Your School

We’re Coming to Your School

Bombardieri is happy to announce we will now be at your school to sell school uniforms and take orders. Starting November 2nd 2015 Bombardieri will be visiting your school on a regular basis to assist parents & students with purchasing their school uniforms.

Parents & students will be able to purchase, order and make inquiries all at St Marys Secondary. Parents & students who need to place an order have the option to have Bombardieri deliver the order to the school on our next scheduled visit. (Example: Order placed on Nov 2 , 2015 then the free delivery to the school will be Nov 23, 2015)

Parents who wish to have their orders shipped directly to their home or office can do so for a small shipping charge of $12.00. Parents who decide to use this option will need to pay for their order in full at time of ordering, provide their full address , phone number & email address and we will gladly ship your order directly to an address of your choice. All Bombardieri orders are shipped via Canada Post. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has been shipped for easy tracking of your package.

Were also happy to inform parents that we will be able to take various methods of payments at the school, such as VISA, MASTERCARD, CASH & DEBIT.
Unfortunately returns & exchanges will only be able to be done at our store front.

We would like to thank St Marys Secondary for allowing us into their school and we look forward to serving the community in a more convenient location.

See attached files for further information and dates

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School Uniform Supplier

School Uniform Supplier

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St. Mary's Student Dress Code

St. Mary's Student Dress Code

Expected Behaviours

Students are to be in full dress code every day upon arrival and entrance into the school until they leave the property.

While in the school building and on Saint Mary Catholic Secondary School property, there will be no changing into other attire during school lunch hours or spares. (Students on Co-op are required to abide by the above.) This pertains to all articles of clothing including footwear.

Coats and/or jackets are not to be worn in the library, cafeteria, hallways or the foyer. Coats and/or jackets will not be a substitute for a school sweater at any time.

Baseball caps, hats, bandanas, head wraps (or other inappropriate headwear) are not permitted during school hours. If students choose to wear these items to and from school, they are to keep them in their lockers or personal knapsacks.

When students are going on a field trip where civies have been granted, the students should bring their school uniform in the event of the cancellation of the trip.

School uniform items, as outlined in the school dress code policy, must be purchased from Bombardieri, be unaltered (hems removed etc.), and be on the approved list. Please refer to the attached document for the approved list and more information.

Board Uniform Policy

The Board Uniform Policy states, “The Principal, in consultation with the Catholic School Council, shall develop a student dress code as part of the Code of Student Conduct.”

Board Uniform Policy ...