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SMAC (Athletic Council)
SMAC celebrates the contributions of outstanding Black Canadians! SMAC celebrates the contributions of outstanding Black Canadians!

SMAC celebrates the contributions of outstanding Black Canadians!

“History has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own”- Michelle Obama

Black History Month celebrates Black historical figures who have demonstrated courage, hope, dedication, and resiliency. By overcoming obstacles to thrive in their fields, they are beacons of hope and an inspiration to all. In this year's memorial, we recognize and celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians that have shaped Canada’s legacy and society. The theme for 2021 is “The Future is Now”, to remind us that Black history should not just be remembered but used as a source of inspiration to activate change.

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SMAC promotes safety and spreads Christmas cheer! SMAC promotes safety and spreads Christmas cheer!

SMAC promotes safety and spreads Christmas cheer!

Winners were crowned and masks were sold as St. Mary geared up to celebrate our first COVID-19 style Christmas season. St. Mary Athletic Council was so excited to present our first ever Celebrity Mask and Christmas Kahoots, and wow did the school community respond! With every department participating and many classes represented, the Celebrity Mask and Christmas Kahoots were a big hit and helped everyone get in the spirit of the season.

We kicked off the fun with our December 7th Cohort A celebrity mask kahoot which saw 22 classes participate as classes attempted to guess which celebrities were hiding behind our St. Mary masks. The competition was FIERCE and saw Mrs. Rzazewski take the gold, followed by Mr. Joseph in second place, and Ms. te Boekhorst rounding out the podium in third. The excitement was carried into Cohort B on December 8th where 26 classes participated. Ms. te Boekhorst moved up the podium into 1st, Mrs. Saturnino took second, and Ms. Fernandes finished in third.

The kahoots aimed to spread fun around the school and encourage the sale of our St. Mary masks. SMAC was extremely excited to initiate, design, and campaign the sale of our school’s very own masks to help encourage student safety and school spirit!

That was not the end of kahoots however, as we still had Christmas to celebrate! SMAC finished off the week with Christmas trivia kahoots to help get everyone into the Christmas spirit despite the season looking a little different this year. These kahoots also saw great participation across both cohorts and allowed for some healthy school-wide competition!

Twenty-three classes participated in our Cohort A Christmas kahoot on December 9th and after a tight battle, Mrs. Fidanza came out victorious, followed by Mr. Giudice in the silver spot and Mr. Ivinac finishing third. Our December 10th Cohort B Christmas kahoot drew our largest amount of participation with 28 classes joining in on the Christmas fun. In our final kahoot of the week, Mr. Ivinac moved up into first place, followed by Ms. Pettorossi-Castellan in second, and Mrs. Gallagher in third place. The participation in this kahoot was awesome and we were so happy to see the Christmas fun and competition!

Special thanks from SMAC to Mr. Daly for his enthusiastic announcing, Mr. Pados for his technical expertise, and to the entire school community for their participation.

Stay safe, stay active, and look forward to more SMAC initiatives to come!!

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SMAC salutes Veteran athletes! SMAC salutes Veteran athletes!

SMAC salutes Veteran athletes!

As a contribution to Remembrance Day activities at St. Mary, SMAC members recognized a few elite Canadian Athlete Veterans who not only impacted their sport and left their legacy, but made the ultimate sacrifice. Lest We Forget.

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SMAC brings Halloween spirit to St. Mary! SMAC brings Halloween spirit to St. Mary!

SMAC brings Halloween spirit to St. Mary!

Hey St. Mary Community! In this year of crazy restrictions, SMAC was tasked with the challenge of finding a fun way for the school to safely celebrate Halloween. And what did we come up with? Think socially distanced, creative, and scary!

We introduced the new "TikToks and Terror" challenge encouraging both staff and students to submit their Halloween themed TikTok using #maryshalloween. With many great entries it was a tough call for the judges, but ultimately Grade 10 student Madelaine captured 1st place and a Fortinos gift card with her creative Halloween makeup video. In a close 2nd place was Ms. Hart and Mrs. Ovcjak, this year's best teacher costume winners, with their Neverland-themed dance. Finally, we had our very own Principal, Mr. Daly, in 3rd place chilling, cruising, and skateboarding in some fall weather. Thank you to all the participants for making "TikToks and Terror" a great Halloween experience!

To continue the Halloween celebrations SMAC hosted a school-wide Kahoot contest on October 28th and 29th with almost all the classes participating! Leyla and Abby got creative with tricky questions for both cohorts, and in the end it was Mrs. Newberry's Cohort B class and Ms. Hewak's Cohort A class that were crowned as champions. Congratulations! We hope everyone had a fun-filled, safe and spooky Halloween!

Stay tuned for more great SMAC initiatives!
Meet the 2020-2021 Athletic Council Meet the 2020-2021 Athletic Council

Meet the 2020-2021 Athletic Council

We are pleased to announce the following individuals will be serving as members of SMAC again this year!

Lachlan Perigord (President)
Nifemi Adeoya
Isabella Bauman
Kiera Brennan
Ethan Ryall
Claire Van Es
Julia Bakker
Ian Dekker
Dillan Morphet
Hannah Schneider
Leyla Spennato
Abby Felkai
Joseph Giammichele

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Message from the President

Message from the President

On behalf of the St. Mary Athletic Council, I would like to welcome everyone in the St. Mary’s community back to a new year. I would like to extend an especially warm welcome to the grade 9 students who I know will have a fantastic experience in our school environment. St. Mary’s has always had an exceptionally strong athletic presence in our board, despite having the smallest population. Our athletic success can be credited to great coaches, a fierce competitive nature, and a strong school spirit. We are also known for our sportsmanship and clean conduct on and off the field, court, course, rink or track. It is your duty as students, athletes, and ambassadors of our school to uphold this reputation.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Lachlan Perigord, and I am a grade 12 student at St. Mary. I have been a consecutive honour roll student and enjoy all subjects, with maths and sciences being my favourite. I am heavily involved in the athletics program, both as an athlete and behind the scenes serving on SMAC (St. Mary Athletic Council) since grade 9. I have been a member of the cross-country, volleyball, basketball, indoor track, and outdoor track teams, as well as the rowing team (which I joined last year). This year, I have the privilege of serving as president of the Athletic Council.

In previous years, SMAC has played the role of organizing, advertising, and running athletic events, as well as promoting school spirit, rallying the troops, and recognizing athletic excellence amongst our student body. This year, things will inevitably be different. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in effect, school sporting events have been put on hold. With that being said, hopefully sports that can be run with social distancing will proceed. This does not mean that athletics no longer have a place in our school community. As president of the St. Mary Athletic Council it is my goal to keep our athletes working, practicing, getting better and preparing for when this does end. Like all things, these hard times will pass, and when they do, we want to come out stronger than ever.

I sincerely look forward to making the most of the year ahead.

Lachlan Perigord