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School Prayer
School Prayer - By Jaiya Morphet

School Prayer - By Jaiya Morphet

Dear Almighty Father,

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and talents you have given us. Each one of us is different and unique in our own way and as a Catholic community, we will strive to bring out the best in one another through our work and service.

In this upcoming school year, help us find ourselves. May we learn our strengths and teach us to accept and improve our weaknesses. We ask that you assist us in our studies so that one day we can do the work that you called us here to do. Allow us to see you in every individual that walks through our door and help us stay on our desired path, so that one day we may join you in heaven.

We thank and appreciate you for being our rock in which we can depend on for support and love. By being the diamond amongst the fire, something beautiful and concrete in our ever-changing world, we will continue to thrive and succeed in your presence.