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Student Success
About Student Success

About Student Success

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School Student Success is an innovative program aimed at helping all students achieve their potential and succeed in their educational journey. Student Success Teachers play a key role in supporting school-wide efforts to improve outcomes for students who are struggling with the secondary curriculum and may be at-risk of not graduating or receiving certification for their achievements. Direct support to these students is provided in order to improve attendance, retention and achievement rates. In addition, Student Success Teachers work closely with parents and the community to support meaningful learning opportunities for students. Student Success Teachers are an integral part of the school's Student Success Team, which includes Guidance and Special Education Teachers, child and youth counsellor, school nurse, school administration and other identified personnel.

The student success office at St. Mary is located on the first floor in room 102 right beside student services. You may contact Mr. D. Pados, Mr. P. Aref or Mrs. J. Porter at 905-528-0214, extension 3437.

The St. Mary student success office is a place where students who are identified as in-risk of not graduating are invited to access extra supports. The office is a welcoming environment with a computer and resources conducive to learning. This office is also used for the Credit Rescue Program. Credit rescue is a program in which students attempt to catch up in currently scheduled courses that they are not passing at midterm. The student success teacher will support these students as they attempt to improve their grade in an effort to achieve success in all of their courses. Students may be removed from their class for a short period of time in order to catch up on the missed work. The Student Success Teacher works collaboratively with the Classroom Teacher in rescuing credits that are in jeopardy. Students are recommended for the program by their Classroom Teacher. Students are also encouraged to drop in on their lunch to complete these missed assessments.

The purpose of the Student Success Team is to:

- Identify and track students who are in need of assistance.
- Make sure students identified are placed in the correct level according to their individual capabilities.
- Decide appropriate interventions to assist the student.
- Liaise with student, teacher and parents.
- Oversee the credit rescue program.
- Develop initiatives to support and promote student success.
- Assist in transition between grade 8 to high school.

The Student Success program supports that clear indicators of achievement which promote academic excellence take place in an appropriate and challenging environment in which members of the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School community exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ.
St. Mary's Breakfast Program

St. Mary's Breakfast Program

Monday to Friday from 7:45 AM to 8:25 AM in Room 128.
Every student is welcome to enjoy a free breakfast! What's the catch? None!
Be kind, courteous and respectful and don't forget to say thank you!
Eating a nutritious breakfast gets your body and brain going so you can do well in school.

Brought to you by St. Mary's Student Success Department and Staff.

Grade 8-9 Transitions - Crusader's Tips for Success

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank includes more than 29000 resources for K-12 students. The OERB can be used by students to keep up with lessons if they are absent (search by keyword for the topic covered in class that day), to establish background knowledge of content/concepts prior to learning about it in class (this is a proven learning strategy that is especially helpful for the struggling student). Setting up prior knowledge is key to student understanding of new material. The OERB can also be used to review difficult concepts covered in class. For username and password, please see a student success teacher.

Homework Help (access “Ask a Teacher” or “Career Matters”)
This website provides FREE online tutoring for grade 9-12 students in need of homework support in math, science, and English (Sun-Thurs. 5:30-9:30 p.m.). It also includes access to student research resources from libraries, cultural organizations, and educational institutions from around the province. Homework tools and resources are also available (i.e. scientific calculator, periodic table)
An excellent resource for grade 9 and 10 MATH students. Students can register using their O.E.N. number which can be found on the student’s timetable. This site offers FREE online tutoring from certified teachers. Students can log on and chat with a teacher to assist them with math homework, assignments, or any questions they may have. Only available Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Free After School Tutoring

Free After School Tutoring

Please refer to the attached documents for more information. Effective January 2018, the first week of each month, the after-hours tutoring sessions will be held on Mondays and Thursdays. All other weeks will remain as Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ministry Resources

To access the ministry's resources on student success, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website at: ...

Please refer to the attached documents for more information.

Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success

Visit for resources in helping you choose your path!
You can find course offers and program information, pathway destinations, career exploration resources, career assessment resources and community employer resources.
Student Success Teachers

Student Success Teachers

Mr. D. Pados
Mr. P. Aref
Mrs. J. Porter