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Map ... .+Mary+Catholic+Secondary+School/@43.2536778,-79.9298607,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882c84b7a166711f:0xd7cdcba928d42f64!8m2!3d43.2536739!4d-79.927672
St. Mary Catholic Secondary School

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School

200 Whitney Ave
Hamilton, ON , L8S2G7

Phone Number
(905) 528-0214

Fax Number
(905) 528-7418


Mr. M. Hucal

Mr. Mark Valvasori

Staff Information

Mr. M. Gravina - Principal
Mr. V. Tortis - Vice Principal
Mrs. T. Toth - Vice Principal
Mr. D. Hall - Chaplain
Ms. Kelly Duffy-Kariam
Ms. T. Palumbo - Head Secretary
Ms. C. Knuckey - Secretary
Miss P. Moote - Secretary
Ms. L. VanKooy - Secretary
Mrs. R. Balice - Secretary
Ms. D. Gard - Secretary

Additional Information

Visit the link below for a staff list ...

Location of school on a map is pending.