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Marriage and Parenting Tips

September tends to bring order to the joyful, but sometimes chaotic summer months. Now is a great time to sit as a family and set some family goals for the coming year. Your goals might include: increasing the time you will spend together as a family; setting a specific number of meals you will eat together (at a real table!); agreeing to detailed ways in which you will increase your faith practices; deciding on the amount of exercise you will engage in as a family; agreeing to increase the patience you will have for each other. The possibilities are endless! Remember, setting goals will both help you accomplish something beneficial and send a message that your family is a priority.

As a couple it is important to spend time with each other. Take the time to plan something for the two of you to do together at least once a week. Try something new, it will add variety and spice to your life. Have each spouse take a turn planning the activity, but keep it simple. A walk on a new trail, hot chocolate instead of coffee, a new recipe that you will cook together – these will bring moments of joy, not stress. Both quantity and quality of time together matter in a marriage, so try something new and watch for a positive impact!

(From: Teresa Hartnett, Family Ministry Office, 905-528-7988 ext. 2250)

Marriage and Parenting Tips