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Students raise money for family room at McMaster hospital

A Grade 10 Introduction to Business course at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School has put a sweet spin on its year-end project.

Students were tasked with creating a business concept which put their advertising, marketing, and accounting skills to the test.

For the past four years, the class has organized a bake sale, working in teams to compete for the highest profits.

However, to give the project a more meaningful drive, it was also decided four years ago that all profits would go to a charity, specifically the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the McMaster Children's Hospital.

The room provides families with light refreshments, and computer services, to make their visit more comfortable. Not funded by the Ronald McDonald House, the room relies entirely on outside donations.

In a letter to the organization, Department Head of Business Linda Fidanza wrote, "We continue to be moved by the support, care and compassion you offer to the many families that use your facility at the McMaster Children’s hospital on a daily basis. It is the great work you do for the community that continues to inspire us to strengthen our community connection with the Ronald McDonald Family Room."

In total, the teams raised approximately $170, and have asked that it be used to support computer and connectivity needs.

Students raise money for family room at McMaster hospital